We are a group of sawmills from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a unique partnership we offer you the highest quality of Bosnian beech.

Bosnian beech line is a distributor of hardwood and wood-based products from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since its foundation, Bosnian beech line has shown an unswerving commitment to supply hardwood, veneer and boards of the highest quality. The best product quality, efficient logistics and on-time delivery are the key words of our entire business.

Bosnian beech line purchases goods from suppliers who are capable of supplying the European market with products and services which fully comply with the stipulated quality demands. Through close personal contacts with our suppliers we have built up an efficient and flexible cooperation that is characterized by honesty and respect, thereby reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings. Each supplier possesses knowledge and years of experience enabling us to offer an exceptionally wide range of quality products.Over the the years we have developed an extremely extensive network of business partners enabling us to choose exactly the right supplier for each of our customers.

Due to Bosnian's favourable climate (the 45th parallel is the geographical position of most countries renowned for the quality of their timber), the above-mentioned types of wood are of the stable structure and quality. Following an additional period of drying and processing, the edged and unedged timber is delivered to the market in elements specifically designed to meet customer's needs.All elements are produced from semi-dried wood for a defined purpose according to the order.

Bosnian beech lines's goal is to work in accordance with FSCĀ® criteria.